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Avant-Garde Limited an Environmental One stop shop providing specialized environmental and sustainability management consultancy services to a wide range of clients across numerous sectors. AGL brings a unique and innovative perspective to environmental management hinged on quantifiable added value and customer satisfaction.

Avant-Garde Limited is a consulting firm that provides specialized services in areas of environment,energy and natural resources management for sustainable development.

Our strength is reliant on a sturdy team of experienced experts respected for their ethics and demonstrable knowledge of different geographies, cultures, economies and systems across the world.Conversant with different technologies, models and tools- our range of services generally include Impact Assessment and Planning; Resettlement & Land acquisition framework; Environmental, Safety, Energy including Water Audits; Engineering and Land Survey; Environmental Arbitration and compensation;Advising and managing corporate and compliance issues; Sustainable development policies and climate change as well as building Environmental Management Systems for governments, international agencies and organizations, multinationals, communities and start-ups across Africa.

Founded in the year 2014 and with offices in Ibadan, Lagos and Wolverhampton (United Kingdom) - our project/program footprint spans all over the 36 states of the Federation and globally.


Federal Ministry of Environment (FMEnv.)

National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA)

World Bank Group

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