Life Cycle Analysis

There is a clear theme in the future of sustainability, and that theme is transparency. In today’s economy, integrating sustainability into products and processes is not enough.

Save Costs with LCA

At Avant-garde Limited, we have core capabilities in the development of the necessary tools for an overall approach to the issue of sustainability, proposing ourselves as a reliable partner able to accompany every organization in this path.

Our approach is strictly technical, analyzes every phase of the value chain and the life cycle, measuring its "weight" in terms of sustainability and returning a clear and incisive indicator able to:

 Monitor their environmental performances
 Streamline and optimize efficiency its production and organizational processes:purchasing, production, logistics, etc.
 Increase its competitiveness by reducing inefficiencies
 Communicate its green image to the market.

At Avant-Garde Limited, we help your business identify where your company can save costs. Traditionally organisations focus on saving costs within their own four walls. However, using LCAs leads to even greater cost savings. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a technique to assess the total environmental impact of a product as well as its manufacturing process. It analyses the footprint during all stages of its lifetime. LCA is a sound investment as it leads to added value to your company in different ways.

There is a clear theme in the future of sustainability, and that theme is transparency. In today’s economy, integrating sustainability into products and processes is not enough.

There are many uses for LCA data, both internally and publicly. LCA is a core component of a sustainable product innovation program, assisting designers and engineers with improving the environmental performance of a product beginning with product inception. LCA data has beenutilized by our clients to reduce environmental impacts and identify cost savings in theirmanufacturing plants. The holistic view of a product enabled by LCA empowers our clients toimplement product stewardship in a meaningful way; and in doing so, foster a more sustainablebusiness model.

 Environmental Impact Assessment and Baseline Surveys.
 Environmental Auditing.At Avant-garde have core competency and capabilities to consult environmental audits in numerous sector ranging from manufacturing and construction to telecommunications energy, these audits are carried out in conformance to the applicable administrative and legal frameworks and industry best practice.
 Environmental Trainings / Capacity Building and Development. At AGL, we have core capabilities in carrying trainings , capacity development in theareas of health safety security and environment, clean energy, green economy,climate change and sustainable development.
 Air Quality Monitoring and Dispersion Modelling.We have vast experience in conducting AQM and ADM for companies that generateapplicable waste. Our recent work has demonstrated the impact of AQM and ADM fora cement manufacturing company wherein low yield was observed in farm land inclose proximity to the cement manufacturing plant. The AQM and ADM were veryuseful in mitigating the effects of the stack generation thus proffering solution to theissues emanating.
 Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory,Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be a very powerful strategic tool for abusiness if carried out effectively. At Avant-garde, we proffer advisory and support forCSR projects. We have core capabilities in harnessing in house modelling tools toselect CSR project where the need is greatest and the impact can be most felt thuscreating a positive impact on the business.CSR
 Green Policy AdvisoryAt AGL, we have been involved in numerous policy advisory roles; ranging fromclimate change legislation advisory to waste management (e-waste), green economyand renewable energy.

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